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I’ve always been a writer, it just took me a long time to realize it. Growing up in northwestern Ohio, I was an inveterate reader—okay, a bookworm. The space program in its early heroic days seemed a natural extension of my favorite science fiction books. In college I discovered J. R. R. Tolkien and became a fan of fantasy stories as well.

For most of my career I taught courses in mathematics and astronomy at our local community college. We had traditional college students fresh out of high school taking their first year or two of a four-year degree at a local and less expensive institution. Yet many of our students were older and in a completely different stage of life.


Praise for King's Exile


I put away a couple books a week so I'm always looking for new fiction.

It turned out to be a fun and enjoyable story. One previous reviewer complained about characters being introduced and then no longer mentioned. While this may be true in the scope of any single book in the series it is not true of the series as a whole.


By the end of book three the author will tie these seemingly random characters back into the plot to make a very worthy story.


My recommendation is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Praise for Dragon-Bound Bard


If you like the Dragon-Bound stories, you will likely enjoy this entry as well.


While I normally prefer a prologue rather than flashback chapters, this one did better by using the flashback strategy, as otherwise the prologue would have been far too long, and covered way too many disparate time periods.


Other than that, I can't add much but that it is another fun tale from Culbertson's world, and I look forward to others.

Praise for Scarlet Jewel

 Well, I’ve fallen in love again. This time with General Scarlet in Scarlet Jewel, a fantasy by William L. Culbertson. This book is the fifth of six in the series Chronicles of the Dragon-Bound. Scarlet, a recent widower, is retired from his service to King Dax of West Landly. He was head of the king’s personal guard. Now at loose ends and not enjoying retirement, he’s intrigued when a late-night knock at his door brings Estretta Vaughn into his life. Her married daughter has disappeared, and Estretta needs help.

We get to watch as they work to unravel the problem of Arpetia’s disappearance and the unexpected problem of relating to each other.

Steven Nigh,
May 2016

Jeff Davault,
Nov 2019

Caroline McCullagh,
March 2020


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